Is there historic basis for Chamorro Sinahi symbol in Marianas oral history. 
 Chamoru Philosophy permission given by Dr. James Sellman
Guam Shorebirds For kids! Marianas Jungle birds osteobiography of a remarkable protohistoric Chamorro man. 
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This website is uniquely infused with culture not found in the published canons of history books to include Chamoru oral historiography and spirituality. No government funds were used to create this culture website but is offered to the youth of the Marianas, coming of age and seeking their identity, rite of passage in their journey of cultural transformation as Chamorus. You'll be able to find out about Guahan (Guam), its PEOPLE (and ancient hyper strength) , its UNIQUE CULTURE, the Ancient Origins of the Chamoru people (mtdna perspective) and its GEOGRAPHY.

More Features: The pictograph Riddle of Gadao's Cave. plus: The First Chamoru Proa. Sakman Saina.
Join our quest "In search of Latte" and the latte monoliths of the marianas. Uncovering the Galleon Trade Riches. Also, Guam's Supernova Starcave,   the Lost Mystery Stone of Guam, ancient rites the guma latte sakman Canoehouse , and Cradle of civilization exhibit. Commonality of a western mythology and a Chamoru legend.
Location and Overhead PHOTO. See Guam Map., Guam's ocean depth map, Agana 1915 map, and Lasu' Fouha, Creation rock.
Climate. Satellite image joint typhoon warning ctr image. A color weather Univ of Wisconsin world climate Montage.
Guam's first genealogy database by Micronesian Area Research Center. 1975 Vietnam refugees on guam Gallery Operation New life. Life Magazine presents: Guam 1944 1945
Guam Historic Events as return of Guam Bell, Cocos Isle, Lady Kamalen, ancestral Taotaomonas search for ancient megaliths. Guam History in Songs. Photo repository WWII 1920 thru 1950. and Guam gallery Photo gallery Guam circa 1917.
A tour of Hagåtña, Guahan's Capital and its Seal and anthem hymn. Where was the original site of the Guam Seal River mouth? Guam's last imperial soldier Yokoi - the WWII straggler, The seascape cornucopia: The Pelagic Sea Warrior.
Learn the Chamorro Language, the Ancient LEGENDS PART I, along with LEGENDS PART II, of Guam.
Customs requirements, and bringing your pets into guam. The mystifying indigenous Animals of the Marianas Gallery. The custom of Betelnut pugua chewing. Photo index of College of Agri. Chamoru Plants of Guahan!
Practical information about postal services, communications, and University of Guam.
IMPORTANT DETAILS about Guam. Solar blueprint schematic for your boondocks ranch.

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Poster of martyred Chief Hurao 1671 address to dying Guam natives. Set image resizing off on browser.
Ancient Discoveries: pre-latte vs latte teeth incising and abrasion of Guahan Chamorus by Nicolette Parr.
A tribute to Grandmaster PWO navigator Mau Pialug Traditional non-instrument wayfinding Navigation. Review our Archives!
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Culture of Guahan natives Contemporary Chamoru Culture Pale Eric Forbes Capuchin
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Scripps Buoy Guam 1 mile off Talofofo Guam Pacific Buoy realtime ocean wave height period direction We host scripps UCLA station.
Receives buoy telemetry 1 mile off Ipan Talofofo Guam.
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