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welcome to Guahan
Hafa Adai - Welcome with Plumeria Lei.
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Edge of Tumon Beach where hotels and
Restuarants are concentrated on Guahan


Guam, also called Guahan {meaning "we have"}, is a duty free port and is outside the United States Customs Zone. All luggage containers are inspected upon arrival by customs officials. Importation of plants, fruits, and animals are restricted without proper documentation from the point of origin. Narcotics and deadly weapons are also prohibited.


American citizens after 9/11 need a passport to enter Guam, although some itineraries may pass through ports that require them, so it is a good idea to carry yours on your visit to Guam. Citizens of other countries require a passport and a U.S. visa.

Money Exchange

Guam uses the American dollar. Banks, hotels, and money exchange firms change foreign currency equivalent to U.S. dollars.

Special instructions for Chamorus bringing BETELNUT or PUGUA into Honolulu or the States: Food and Drug Administration in 2000 lifted the ban on bringing betel nuts into the U.S. Mainland. FDA Import Bulletin #23-814 declares that betel nuts are no longer prohibited or considered contraband provided the nuts are in compliance with existing USDA rules which require the husks to be removed and the nuts to be cracked or cut. Pepperleaves (pupulu) are not allowed. Betel nuts products entering the U.S. may be handcarried or mailed for personal consumption in amounts not exceeding five pounds.

MOVING TO GUAM AND BRINGING PETS? Pacific Sunday News pg 3 14Nov2010 vol42 no286.

2011 rules for pets
girls riding carabao
Girls taking Carabaos
for beach swim
tourist riding pony
Young tourist riding
beach Shetland pony

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