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"The Guam News Letter was the very first publication issued for circulation in Guam and was the local newspaper from February 1909 to March 1922. ... The News Letter attempted monthly coverage of the activities of the Naval Government of Guam, items of interest in the military communities, local happenings and international news.  [However,] you will find gaps in the News letter for Volume I Numbers 1 through 5 (February through September 1909), Volume II Number 11 (May 1911), Volume V Number 5 (November 1913), Volume XII Number 5 (November 1921)" [excerpt from Index to the Guam Recorder (1974)]

Beginning with the June 1914 issue and ending with the March 1922 issue, the Guam News Letter published the Births, Deaths and Marriages that were recorded in the Office of the Civil Register during the previous month.  Because the Guam News Letter was published by the Naval Government of Guam, the names are recorded using the following format: Father's last name, First name Mother's Maiden Name or initial (if provided).