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Genealogy list from combination of Guam Recorder and Guam Newsletter.



"The Guam Recorder was a monthly news magazine published first for the month of March 1924 and last with the issue for November 1941. ... [It] was the  major source of news information concerning the activities of the Naval Government of Guam, the Naval Station, and other news information of both local and international concern." [excerpt from the Index to the Guam Recorder (1973)]

Throughout its course, the Guam Recorder published the Births, Deaths and Marriages that were recorded in the Office of the Civil Register during the previous month(s).  In the initial years, the reports included actual dates of the events, village of residence, ages, etc.  However, less and less information was provided in subsequent issues.  By the magazine's end, these report consisted of a monthly listing of names under each category (marriages, births, deaths).

Because the Guam News Letter was published by the Naval Government of Guam, the names are recorded using the following format: Father's last name, First name Mother's Maiden Name or initial (if provided).