Guam - Korean Air Flight 801 Crash Site - The Carnage

"There has been deep tragedy here. We must bury our dead, heal our wounded, face ourselves and confront our own fear of chaos and mortality. Yet, if we are able to transform our experience of this tragedy and use our feelings of loss and despair in order to reach out beyond our own selves, our own families, our own neighborhoods, we can connect with one another on a higher level, then the healing will have begun." Gov. Gutierrez

When Pictures Speak Louder than words

The following photos were taken by Eduardo C. Siguenza. We will keep the format simple for the 2000 concurrent viewers of the web page. Disclaimer: The photos are extremely graphic in nature. We apologize that there were many pictures which could not be shown. View at your discretion only.

debris2. Debris Field.
nurses arriving at Site.
Jet Engine severed from plane.
Smoking Airline Wreckage
Evacuating the wounded.
Guam Guard loading into truck .
Impact site. Please use horiz. scrollbar to view screen!
Overhead View.
Metallic debris.
The fallen.
View of the Airport runway from ontop of the crash site.
Cleanup effort after fires which consumed the wings abated
Guards transporting.
3rd Anniversary of crash. Families on pilgrim visit erect an alter under marble marker.

                            Survivor of KAL Flight 801 - story of Rika's Miracle. Click this line.

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