Specifics of Crash Site Info - Korean Air Flt 801

Korean Air Staff in a moment of silence.


Boeing 747-300 junbo jet

APPROXIMATE TIME OF CRASH 1:42 AM August 06, 1997 (Guam time) according to National Transportation Safety Board member George Black
Location: Middle of Guam on Nimitz Hill 3 miles on approach to the A.B. Wonpat International Air Terminal.




254 TOTAL ON BOARD. (15 U.S. Citizens on board.)

Of the 254 passengers & crew, 228 individuals are dead with 26 survivors. There are 205 bodies recovered so far with 23 unaccounted for. Of the 32 survivors transported to local hospitals. two(2) were dead on arrival, 1(one) more expired later at the Naval Hospital, and 1 (one) 11 year old girl from Georgia died at the Brooke Army Medical center in San Antonio Texas Aug 10th (Texas time). On Aug 30th Saturday, Han Kyu-Hee, an off-duty flight attendant transferred from Navel Hospital, died at Brooke Army Medical Center. Chung, Yong-Hak 40, died on Sep 3rd Guam time. Han kyu-Hee age 26 died on Aug 30 Saturday. Originally, 17 were transported to Naval Regional Medical Center and 13 to Guam Memorial Hospital. As of Aug 29, 1997 93 bodies have been identified.


Over 500 government, civilian and military rescue personnel converged onto site:

Civil Defense Personnel, GUAM FIRE & RESCUE UNITS GUAM POLICE DEPARTMENT GUAM National Guard DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS Dept of Public Health and Social Services U.S. Coast Guard U.S. Navy U.S. Air Force American Red Cross Volunteers

The Northern Marianas gov., the National Transportation Safety Board, Guam Memorial Hospital, Naval Regional Hospital, the Guam Environ Protection Agency, the Guam Power Authority, Guam Telephone Authority, Superior Court employees, Univ of Guam College of Nursing, Korean Association of Guam, Guam Chamber of Commerce, Guam Visitors Bureau, Korean Air, DOA Data Processing, UOG Computer Center, Governor's Office, Continental Air Micronesia and numerous Guam businesses and religious organizations.

Helicopter were medivacing passengers out of crash site. Some to triage staging area earlier this morning.

Wreckage was contained

1/2 mile mud trek through jungle

4 rescue people to get 1 stretcher through

Utility Access Road

Bulldozers trying to cut through to get to wreckage

Crane being brought in lift debris and airplane wreckage to get to possible survivors


Memorial services and rosary's were conducted throughout the island.

RELATIVE CENTER ESTABLISHED AT PACIFIC STAR HOTEL, CHAMORRO BALLROOM: Tel: (671)-647-4573-7 Point-Of-Contact: Verna Rivera (671)-687-3683

Continental Airlines has established a "Relative Center." Crisis Intervention Teams from Dept. Of Mental Health and Civil Defense reps are on site to assist. TV monitors have been set up and telephones. 50-60 family members have arrived at the center (1 local family, probably M. Dahalig) is also there (as of 2:15pm today).


NTSB 21 member "GO TEAM" have arrived on Guam. Also included are representatives of FAA, FBI, FEMA, Dept of DEfense and Health & Human Services. An additional team of approximately 60 members arrived to begin family interviews and identification process.

Costs of the effort: $690,000 in costs to the Navy, $86,000 overtime to Guam International Airport Authority, $60,000 for repairing a broken fuel pipeline by Guam Power Authority, $6,000 donated by Guam Red Cross and Korean Association of Guam, $12,000 donated by Guam Contractors association to Red Cross, $6,000 costs to Guam Civil Defense, and $2,000 spent by Guam Visitors Bureau on crash victims' families accommodations.

Effect on Tourism on Korean Air Pullout Oct 1, 97 - Mar 28, 98

Civil Defense Dir Office(671)475-9600/01/02
Dept of Education(671)475-9631/9629/9632
Dept of Public Works(671)475-9618
Guam Waterworks(671)475-9622/9623
Guam Fire Dept(671)475-9636
Dept of Administration(671)475-9627
Guam Police Dept(671)475-9637
American Red Cross(671)475-9637
Guam National Guard(671)475-9626
Guam Power Authority(671)475-9625
Guam Telephone Auth(671)475-9619
Red Cross(671)472-6667
Central Command Post(671)475-1001/1003
Military Command Post(671)-344-9240

Survivor Family Relative venting frustration at KAL official

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