Transcripts Between Guam Airport Tower and KA801 before Crash

* 1:38 a.m. CERAP [Center Radar Approach control] at Andersen Air Force Base informs the Agana Air Traffic Control Tower at Tiyan, Guam that 801 is inbound to the airport. The plane was about 12 miles from the runway.

* 1:41 a.m.: KA801: "Korean Air 801, localizer six left." [KA801's crew tells Agana Tower that the plane is headed to the airport and is using a localizer-only landing approach. The crew is aware that the glide slope is not operating. No mechanical problems are reported.]

Agana Tower: "Korean Air 801 heavy Agana Tower runway six left ... cleared to land verify heavy Boeing 747 tonight." [Controllers at the Agana Tower clear 801 to land and asked the plane's crew to verify they are flying a Boeing 747 instead of their usual smaller Airbus. The bigger plane was needed that night to transport Guam athletes to the Mini-South Pacific Games in America Samoa.)

KA801: "Korean 801 ... six left." (KA801's crew verifies that they are headed for the airport runway. This is crew's last transmission.)

Agana Tower:"Korean 801 roger ... six left."

* 1:42 a.m.:[Korean Air Flight 801 crashes into a hillside near Nimitz Hill, according to the National Transportation Safety Board.]

* 1:45a.m.: Agana Tower: "Korean 801 heavy tower how do you hear?" (Controllers try to contact Flight 801's crew.)

* 1:49 a.m. Agana Tower to Ramp {Ramp Control Tower at the airport}: "Korean Air come up to you?" [Controllers are asking Ramp Tower, which guides planes to gates, if the plane landed.]

RAMP: "Ah, no." (The Agana Tower again tries to contact Flight 801.)

1:50 a.m.: Agana Tower to CERAP:"... did Korean Air come back to you?"
Agana Tower:"(Korean Air pilot) checked in with me. I cleared him to land. I don't know where he's at. Never did I have him in sight."
CERAP:"You never saw him?"
Agana Tower: "Negative."
CERAP:"He didn't land?"
Agana Tower:"Negative."
CERAP:"Oh, my god."
Agana Tower continues to try to call 801. The tower calls Andersen Air Force Base Control Tower to find out if 801 landed there. The Agana Tower calls the CERAP again.)

* 1:52 a.m.: Agana Tower: "I don't have (Korean Air 801). (The pilot) called me once. I cleared him to land ... I don't have him."
CERAP: "Well, he must have crashed then." (Agana Tower again tries to contact Flight 801.)
Agana Tower checks again with Ramp Tower.

* 1:54 a.m.: Ryan International Flight 789, a Boeing 727 cargo plane, is on approach to Guam. CERAP asks Ryan to look for KA Flight 801.

* 1:56 a.m.: Ryan to CERAP: "OK. Well, about 15 minutes ago, we saw ... the clouds lit up ... bright red. Uh, it was kinda weird. We thought it was just our eyes or something ... Ah. We got a big fire on the hillside up here."

* 1:57 a.m.: Agana Tower to Ramp: "Ryan just advised center that there is ... a fire on the other side of Nimitz Hill."
Ramp: "A fire on the other side of Nimitz Hill?"
Agana Tower: "Affirmative ... a possible air crash." (Agana Tower informs the Airport Rescue Fire Fighting crew that Flight 801 possibly crashed.)

* 1:59 a.m.: Agana Tower to Airport Rescue: "I don't have any souls or fuel information on it." (Controllers tell airport rescue that they don't know how many people were aboard the plane or how much fuel was on it.)
Airport Rescue: "What time is this thing coming in?"
Agana Tower: "What time? I said it's a possible crash. I've got a Boeing 727 out there now looking and he says there is a fire on the other side of the hill." (Ryan continues to search for the exact location of the crash, as airport rescue began to mobilize. By 2:03 a.m. all inbound and departing flights were suspended at the airport)

* 2:07 a.m.: (Guam fire dispatch receives an emergency call from Guam Airport Authority on a reported aircraft down, according to the Guam Fire Department. Rescuers are dispatched.

Source: Federal Aviation Administration. Willis Cannon Jr. a former manager at the FAA CERAP at Andersen contributed to this report which originated from David V. Crisostomo and the Pacific Daily News.

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