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Hafa Adai!

TO VIEW THIS PAGE, YOUR Browser MUST BE JAVA CAPABLE. This server is offered to the Internet community as a public service by the Government of Guam. At this server, you'll be able to find out about Guam, its people, its culture, its geography, and some of the reasons you might want to consider visiting this island territory of the United States. A warm greeting is extended by Guam's Governor and Lieutenant Governor. At this site you can view the Governor's 1997 State of Our Island Address.
Also, Governor of Guam's Letter to Washington Post re: Campaign Contributions.

See also information on Guam's:

Location and Overhead PHOTO
Climate. Also, National Weather Service - GUAM.
For current weather images, see the GMS-5 image on the University of Hawaii server. To find Guam on the image, use the longitude and latitude lines. From the equator in the center of the image, go north one grid line (ten degrees latitude). Guam is just northeast of the grid intersection. A spectacular color weather Worldwide Montage 78k is available from the University of Wisconsin space science center.
Government and EMAIL Addresses. A view of Agana, Guam's Capital.
LANGUAGES, the Ancient LEGENDS, and the HISTORIC SITES of Guam.
Note: From this link, you can download Chamorro Language Translator software and view the Lesson of the Week and tales from the Isle.
Entrance and customs requirements.
Practical information about postal services, electricity, communications, and transportation.
IMPORTANT DETAILS about Guam. Also, Social and ECONOMIC Indicators of the island.
Guam Network Info Center. LIVE CAMERA!!
Applying for Internet domains on Guam? Our time zone is +GMT10 in the Pacific.
Guam Government Intranet TELNET screens are available here. Have your ids ready.
Other Guam References, Web Site Providers and Internet PROVIDERS.
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This is not the only Web server on Guam. Homepages are best viewed by netscape. For more information about additional NON-COMMERCIAL Guam sites, check out:

Congressman Underwood Guam Office The University of Guam
NISE Naval Command Control Guam Dept of Education

Many of you have sent questions and suggestions. Thank you! Please keep them coming! As I hope you can tell, we have employed many of your suggestions.

We plan to expand the contents of this server, with special attention now given to information on tourism and other things of interest to visitors.

This server is provided as a public service to the Internet by the Government of Guam.

If you have suggestions for this server, or would like to ask questions, please contact the Webmaster. We will do our best to answer your questions and implement your suggestions.

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