Guam Database of Deep Water Sport & Edible Fishes

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Video provided by Univ of Guam Marine Lab and Guam Div of Aquatic and Wildlife Resources.
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Guam Fishes on Reef Ocean Guam, the Mariana Isles, and Micronesia are renowned for their vivid turquoise lagoons, deep-sea currents and the clarity of their water. Between December and May, visibility underwater is as much as 150 feet, and even during the wet season is as great as 60 feet. The average water temperature is 85F (27C) year-round. From time immemorial, our ancestors have fine-tuned the art of spearing/netting fishes. The variety and spectacular abundance of Ocean Denizens and 150 types of coral are why Scuba diving/snorkeling and Fishing are popular in Micronesia. Snorkeling spots for beginners include the protected bays inside the reef at Tumon Bay and at Merizo.
We present to you, the world's first java database of Deep Ocean and Reef Fishes. Please double-click the above JAVA button and proceed to use the scroll bar to double-click hundreds of sport and edible fishes on Guam. IF THE JAVA BUTTON DOES NOT APPEAR, PLEASE point your browser to then VIEW and RELOAD YOUR SCREEN. The Database Window can be expanded by clicking the lower right window corner and tugging it.

Fish Names follow the DataBase Syntax: G=Genus Species C=Chamoru J=Japanese S=S.Carolinian T=Tanapag(N.Carolinian) F=Filipino(Tagalog) P=Palauan