Chamorro Lesson: Phrases about the Day
Fino' Chamorro: Sinangan Siha Put I Ha'å ni

Maipe na ha'å ni.

Fresko na ha'å ni.

Guaifon na ha'å ni.

Chatha'an na ha'å ni.

Nopblå du na ha'å ni.

Kå tma i ha'å ni.

Duru hulu yan lålamlam.

Manengheng yu'!.

Fugu yu'!.

Ai na chini'op!

Para somnak na ha'åni.

Klå ru na ha'å ni.

Motmo na ha'å ni

Mamamaila' i hemhom uchan!

Fanhålom (plural) or hålom (singular) sa' i sirenu!

Kåma pågo'!

It's a hot day.

It's a cool day.

It's a windy day.

It's a rainy day.

It's a cloudy day.

There is no breeze today.

It's a thunderstorm.

I am cold!

I got the cold chills!

Heavy dew condensation is present!

It's going to be a sunny day today!

It's a clear day!

A cloudy day. It's to be - implied statement.

A heavy rain cloud is coming!

Come in because of the evening dew (damp air)!

It's a calm day today!


Nupblå du-cloudy
Kå tma-No breeze

Prepared by the Department of Education's Chamoru Studies and Special Projects Division

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